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San Juan County Children's Justice Center (CJC)

  • Crisis Resource
  • Free Service
  • Under 18

The Children's Justice Center is a homelike facility which serves children and families who are experiencing the crisis and chaos that comes with the disclosure of significant physical or sexual abuse of a child. Audio and video equipment is used to preserve interviews for evidence and eliminate the need for multiple interviews. The Center is designed to help children feel safe and comfortable so that they may begin to deal with the difficult and often frightening issues that surround abuse. The focus and function of the CJC is to reduce the trauma of the child abuse investigation and help the child feel safe to reveal the truth.

  • English
  • Services
  • Child Abuse Treatment
  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Forensic Interviews for Children 0-18
  • Medical Exams
  • Investigation of Child Abuse
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    Areas Served
  • San Juan County
    • 62 East 200 South
      Moab, UT 84511

    Hours of Operation

    Monday-Friday8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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