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Unified Police Department - Kearns Precinct

Facilitates services, support, and crisis intervention for adult and juvenile victims/survivors of crimes such as domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, robbery, homicide, unattended death, assault, etc.; facilitates the professional interaction of advocates and victims through the investigative process and criminal justice system. Interviews, evaluates, and assesses victims of violent crimes to develop a treatment and safety plan using available community resources and appropriate treatment providers. Assists victims in locating and receiving special services and assistance, such as; medical, personal therapy, etc. Consults and coordinates with other public, private, and state agencies, to obtain/provide relevant client information to ensure coordination of services and facilitate an effective referral process to mental health providers for victims and their families. Facilitates and encourages self-reliance to help break cycles of abuse. Assist walk-in clients and proceed as necessary. Intervene with clients in crisis in order to stabilize situations and prevent harm to victims or others by utilizing appropriate, ethical crisis intervention techniques and appropriate clinical referrals. Be in contact with the different courts in which the victims deal with after a violent incident and be the liaison between the Courts Judge, Prosecutor, and Clerks regarding protective orders and the prosecution of cases. Immigration relief issues pertaining to victims of crimes. Victim Assistance for victims of Human Trafficking.

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    Areas Served
  • Kearns
    • 4250 West 5415 South
      Kearns, UT 84118

    Hours of Operation

    Tuesday-Thursday10:00 am - 8:00 pm

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