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Orem Police Department Victim Assistance

  • Free Service

Orem Police Department Victim Assistance will provide services at the scene of any crime. These services include resources for shelter, crisis intervention, emergency housing, and transportation. We assist victims at any phase of the criminal justice process. We assist in filing protective orders and stalking injunctions. We attend court, meet with prosecutors or law enforcement officers when needed. We continue to assist post sentencing with any resources that may be valuable for the victims.

  • Protective Orders
  • Accompaniment to Court
  • Victim Reparations
  • Criminal Justice Support
  • On-Scene Response
  • Emergency Housing
  • Cost

    Areas Served
  • Orem City
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • There are no restrictions for services. If there is another police jurisdiction involved, contact is usually made through the advocates.
    • 95 East Center St.
      Orem, UT 84057

    Hours of Operation

    Open 24 Hours

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