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Davis County Children's Justice Center (CJC)

  • Crisis Resource
  • Free Service
  • Under 18

Children's Justice Centers provide a safe, child friendly place for children 0-18 to be interviewed regarding child abuse allegations. Children may also be referred for an onsite medical evaluation by a specialized forensic nurse practitioner from the Primary Children's Safe and Healthy Families program. Children's Justice Centers staff assist families with crime victims reparations forms, mental health referrals to trauma focused evidenced based treatment providers and other community resources.

  • English
  • Services
  • Case Management
  • Victim Advocacy
  • Crisis Case Management
  • Referrals to Other Services
  • Forensic Interviews for Children 0-18
  • Medical Evaluations for Children 0-18
  • Assistance with CVR Applications
  • Cost

    Eligibility Criteria
  • CJC services are for children age 0-18 who are alleged victims of child abuse and their parent/guardian. There must be an open case with law enforcement and/or child protective services in order to access services onsite. Questions regarding the child abuse reporting process, the criminal justice process, and other child abuse related questions can be answered by calling the CJC during business hours.
    • 98 South 100 East

    Hours of Operation

    Monday-Friday8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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